Bess O 'Leary



"'Tis not fair... why should I waste my time trying to be good when everybody around me seems intent on putting me off! 'It's like walking up hill backwards!"


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Square Square

Betsy the Scullery Maid


"Here, where's the rest of your hem? I can see both your legs there I can... Best not let the master catch you acting all unnecessary!"

Gertie Bucket



"If you want to attract love then wear a wild turkey beard about your personage - it drives the menfolk wild... and I should know!"

Witch Demdike



"Don't be ridiculous boy! How on earth can my rat bite you when it's quite obviously dead! Oh just smell it if you don't believe me!"


Joanne Halliwell Historical Comedy Performances

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What separates these performances from others is the degree of interaction. It may be all well and good to watch a comedienne tell a witty anecdote and equally so to watch a performer adopt the guise of another, but to laugh at a combination of the two whilst you the audience play an active part in the punchline can be just pure genius!  


                                      'The person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused.'

                                                                                                                                                                                Russ Dudley

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Please enjoy browsing through my rogues' gallery for I am sure you will find a mugshot  that fits the bill. Same old, same old just isn't an option when faced with these likely suspects and there are even more just waiting in the wings for you to enjoy!


For ten years I have been amusing audiences with my interactive acts and role-plays, so for entertainment with a difference and that all-important personal touch, why not let one of my colourful characters enhance your special occasion?

Listen to my radio           appearance


In May 2012 I was invited to appear on Ted Robbins' morning show on BBC Radio Lancashire. use the controls below to listen.