Bess O'Leary

A witty young lass who manages to keep a smile on her face despite the onslaught of the 1846 Irish Potato Famine

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Ideal for more intimate post-dinner/meeting events, The Real Gold Of Ireland is a bitter-sweet dramalogue where the audience embraces the full journey of the heroine from a care-free girl through to an anxious mother. They will learn the true facts of the famine but as Bess learnt them, by word of mouth, and Sunday Mass. Yet this is no depressing tale. Like a lot of people facing great adversity, Bess draws her spirit from the very well that is Ireland. She is loved, she is strong but will she survive?

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"Thank you for your delightful portrayal of Bess O'Leary. I personally did not know the facts behind the famine, but with your easy style of delivery I now know without feeling that I have been lectured. We all laughed at the young girl's antics and we all held our breath when things got desperate, but above all we all loved her. For an imaginary character, I have never felt such an overwhelming sense of hope against all odds. Fingers-crossed because I believe that as much as Bess was comedienne, she was a fighter!"


Nadine Humphries 


Footage to come soon!  Watch this space!  

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The Real gold of Ireland


Laugh through the tears when hearing about Bess O'Leary, a strong-willed and quick-witted young woman who can't seem to do wrong for doing right! Courting trouble at the best of times and amidst the plight of the Great Hunger, learn how this Gaelic lass somehow manages to keep her faith and her sense of humour.