Betsy the Scullery Maid

Now this scatter-brain servant's lot in life would be a whole lot easier if she could just learn to keep her mouth shut!

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Possibly the most frequently booked and best loved out of all my characters (especially with the Womens' Institutes), Betsy the humble servant is ideal for some light-hearted but refreshing post-dinner/meeting entertainment. Turning up at the venue of your choice in mop cap and clogs, her infectious laughter and scandalous gossip on what life is really like at ‘the big ‘ouse’ will have you rolling in the aisles. This is humour with a nostalgic twist, this is Upstairs Downstairs and then Downstairs some more!    

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"She was truly entertaining and some of us laughed so much we thought we would burst!"


"We would highly recommend her (and her other characters) to anyone."


'We wanted someone who would cheer us up in January and you did just that!'

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In finding the most simple of tasks a challenge, Betsy can only make up with enthusiasm for what she lacks in common sense and in her outrageous efforts to reveal what really goes on 'below stairs' in Victorian England, this loose-tongued lassie will have you in stitches over her rib-tckling trials and tribulations!