Gertie Bucket

This colourful creature is so very riddled with folklore and superstitions that she can be seen moving whilst sitting still!

tel. 01772 378273

If it’s laughter that you’re after, then Gertie would be a great addition to your wedding or birthday party, and whilst her in depth knowledge on particular guest’s embarrassing moments may lead you to assume she has mystic powers, unfortunately these juicy morsels will have been extracted from the hosts at a prior meeting! Going from table to table, guest to guest, she’ll entertain and enlighten with her incredulous superstitions combined with a lightening-quick sense of humour. Working equally well for post-meeting or dinner events, Ms Bucket in all her eccentric glory will never fail to amuse.

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"Dear Joanne, can we just say a big thank you for suffering the bad weather to come and entertain us at our after-meeting event at Blackpool. Gertie Bucket was the most hilarious woman we'd ever seen, we could only describe her as a sort of Miranda Hart meets Nanny McPhee! Everybody said that the evening was a complete success and that we'd all learned a thing or two whether we wanted to or not! Hope the journey home wasn't too awful. Let's stay in touch and again thank you."


Jackie and Barbara

Gertie edit 2

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Practicing under the title 'wise-woman extraordinaire this eccentric creature will have you doubled over in laughter in her attempt to 'enlighten' you in the lore of folk. Calling a spade a spade and then some, her no-nonsense approach to life and love is thoroughly entertaining based on the simple fact that 'sense' to her is anything but!