Witch Demdike

She'll ask you whether you want to make a

good or a bad spell.... only you'd be wise

to choose a bad one...

tel. 01772 712453

Rounded square Rounded square Rounded square Rounded square

Kids stuff


"My kids thought you were excellent - but I enjoyed you even more!'


'When you ate that maggot it was really disgusting and it made my tummy go all funny!'


'As far as witches go... you are one sick puppy!'


I think I might have nightmares about the hag, what a performer! She should have her own blog or TV chat show!


If it’s that time of year again (or you’re just plain macabre) then  for an activity that entertains the whole family why not invite Demdike to your Historic Venue or Museum to thoroughly assault the senses! Armed with every grusome prop and grisly ingredient imaginable, this is spell making the holistic approach. With live maggots, dead rodents and the chance of learning how to de-eye the enemy using only a soup spoon, this hygiene-challenged individual wholly encompasses the Halloween theme whilst reminding parents what it is that children are especially good at... being horrid!


                                                                   NOW CATERING FOR CHILDRENS' PARTIES!      

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Footage to come soon!  Watch this space!  

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Eye of newt and toe of frog? That's the least of your worries when met by this 'earthy' character telling her grisly tales of life as a witch. 'Hands on' in every aspect, there is nothing that unnerves and unsettles her senses more than polite society. For adults and children alike she'll do her best to convert you, or at the very least make you nauseous!